Need is the mother of inventions

The idea to create this type of refrigerated container arose from the needs of our customers, who many times a month deliver goods at controlled temperatures to their contractors, who do not have the space or resources to to build typical cold storage facilities.

What is a silent delivery system?

The idea behind our idea is to create a tool by which temperature-sensitive goods temperatures can be delivered without the presence of the customer's employees at any time of the day or night. The solution is intended to help create so-called quiet deliveries of goods sensitive to the temperature range, which will reduce the working time of many people due to the ability to increase one-time deliveries to stores, restaurants, gas stations, etc.

The concept of delivery of range-sensitive goods like in parcel machines will allow the expansion of the delivery times within the boundaries of an entire 24-hour period, rather than only during the working time of the customer's warehousemen.

Remote access to the container

  • Remote monitoring system will allow to control quality and delivery time.

  • The container can be additionally equipped with a wireless monitoring system allowing to control the process of unloading and loading through a door opening sensor or a camera recording on an external server.

  • The system allows to inform the customer or service via SMS or e-mail about the occurrence of an alarm associated with a malfunction as well as with exceeding the required temperatures.

  • Our product is pro-environmental, allowing to reduce emissions of harmful substances from exhaust fumes caused by the need for frequent deliveries and the noise emitted by delivery vehicles.

  • The floor is made in a quiet version with Piek certification. Allowing to significantly reduce noise during loading and unloading of goods.

Want to inquire about a portable refrigerated container?

We will be happy to answer any questions you may have about the cost, technical conditions technical conditions and operation of our portable refrigerated container.

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